My name in Nick Diliberto, and I'm the owner of Pure Canvas Art.

This is me...

In 2008 I launched an online curriculum publishing company. It was my first successful entrepreneurial endeavor. 

At the time I was broke. Although I loved my job, I struggled to provide for my family. I had to do something. So, I started a side hustle. I made some mistakes. I went the extra mile. I kept going when I wanted to quit. I took risks. I got out of my comfort zone. 

After some time, the company grew. I started to make some money. We hired and developed a team. I eventually jumped into the business full-time and haven't looked back since. 

The company now provides my family with an amazing lifestyle, helps create jobs, and makes an impact in the world. 

But there was something missing. I had a desire to motivate and inspire others to do something great with their lives. 

So, in August of 2019 I acquired Pure Canvas Art, which at that point had been in business for just over 2 years.

Our goal is to turn your home or office into a motivational space with our unique canvas art, and challenge you to live a great life with our motivational content

To remind you each and every day to keep going even when it's tough. To keep your dream in front of you. To be creative and find ways to overcome the obstacles in your path. To turn your failures into successes. To live each day with passion and purpose. 

Owning a successful company helped me to reach my dreams. Now, I want to help you reach your dreams!

- Nick Diliberto, Pure Canvas Art