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"Work while they sleep. Learn while they party. Save while they spend. Then live like they dream!"

Not only is that saying on one of our most popular motivational canvas prints, but it is SO TRUE!


My name is Nick Diliberto, the new owner of Pure Canvas Art. 

I've been an entrepreneur for over 11 years and am blessed to live a life that most people dream of

But 12 years ago...

  • I was broke. Although I loved my job, I wasn't making enough to take care of my wife and three young kids.

  • I wasn't emotionally or physically enough present as a father or husband. I worked so hard and long that my family got the leftovers.

  • I had no margin in life. I was going 100 miles per hour and didn't have time for essential things like good nutrition, working out, and "me time." 

I knew something had to change. I was willing to do the opposite of everyone else so I could live like nobody else. 

So, I quit the job that I loved and got a new one working Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. I was finally home...a lot more often.

I went to couples counseling. 

I finally started the business I had been thinking about for years - to create digital curriculum for youth group leaders around the world. 

I wanted to give up on that business 100x along the way. Although profitable right away, I wasn't making enough money to justify the investment of time and energy.

But I kept going. Trying new things. Being creative. Working only when the kids were asleep late at night or early in the morning. Believing that it might lead to a better life for our family one day. Putting in the work. Consistently. Hoping. Praying. 

I wanted something more than money. I wanted control over my time. So, I could live life on my terms.

It was years before I saw a significant profit from the business. But when things took off, they really took off. We experienced exponential growth that significantly changed our family's future for the better.

I quit my job and jumped into running the company full-time.

I was even able to crack the code, figuring out how to work less while making more money. 

My life these days is much different:

  • I make more than enough to provide for my family of 5, have extra money to travel, and provide my family with the opportunity to pursue other things they enjoy. 
  • Since my company is 100% online, I am location independent. All I need is a computer and internet access, and I can work anywhere in the world. This has enabled me over the years to do quite a bit of traveling with my wife and three kids. 

  • I have full control over my time. Since I set my own hours, I can be there for just about all my kids' sports activities. I'm able to be emotionally and physically present in their lives. I have the time to take care of myself, so I can serve my family, my team, and those in the community.

  • I have free time during the week to volunteer with organizations like Junior Achievement and the local Boys & Girls Club. 

  • I'm able to provide jobs and freelance work to those on my team. 

  • I get the satisfaction of helping those in our company be better human beings, by stretching them to reach new limits and do things they never thought they could. 

I'm not saying any of this to brag. 

I'm simply proof that if you are willing to do what everyone else is not willing to do, then you can live like everyone else only dreams of.

You can design your life however you want. 

You don't have to play by the rules. Set your own. 

Your dream life might be different than mine. And that's ok. 

Your vehicle to reach your dreams will probably be different too. And that's ok. 

Actually, that's the point. 

Do your own thing. 

But one thing you cannot escape is that you'll have to be willing to do what everyone else is not willing to do. 

It's the only path to reaching your dreams, whatever they may be. 

- Nick Diliberto, Pure Canvas Art

P.S. - GO HERE to view the canvas print I referred to at the beginning of this blog post.

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