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“Change is inevitable. When it comes knocking at the door, you can cooperate with it and see it as an opportunity for growth. Or you can resist change and eventually get run over by it. It’s your choice” – Jack Canfield

Those words ring true for us all right now. Like it or not…change is here. Nearly every aspect of our lives has shifted.

Many of us are working from home for the first time, and our kids are doing school online. We're quarantined, and it's creating high levels of stress and anxiety. 

The economy is rattled.

Many are losing their jobs.

Overnight, life as we know it is different.

We all have a choice to adapt or resist to this new reality. When one thing dies, often something new emerges.

What does this mean for your business or career?

The staring point to answering that question lies in your openness to accept change. 

To let go for now your longing for things to be the way they were.

To be at peace with the tension of how you want life to be and reality.

Only when you are truly open to change can you see the hidden opportunities that may be present.

When it comes to the practical answer to that questions…I don’t think anyone has the answers yet. 

The key is to be asking yourself questions like this…

What opportunities might be present in my current situation?

How has the industry I work in shifted, and how can I pivot my approach?

What's working right now and what's not? How can I do more of what's working?

These are just some of the questions you can be exploring.

A couple of other thoughts...

If you've lost your job or are on some type of furlough, maybe now is the time to consider a different career. Or start a new business. Although the economy is taking a hit, online businesses are doing quite well. Maybe that's a path to explore.

If you find yourself with more downtime than normal, then maybe take an online course to improve some type of career or business skill. That way, you're a step ahead when life gets back to normal. 

Regardless of your situation, you can choose to adapt to change and look at it as an opportunity for growth and expansion in your business or career.

- Nick Diliberto, Pure Canvas Art


Gerald Musole
This is very useful and to the point.
Eva Starr
I am a big believer in change happens for a reason (as does everything), it’s NOT what happens to you, it’s how you REACT to what happens to you…my passion is metaphysics & astrology, I loved your article & can’t wait to dive into more. Blessings, Eva Starr

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